Top 7 Blunders To Avoid When Planning An Outdoor Event

Your guests have arrived at the venue; the event is sailing smoothly in the calm waters. And all of a sudden you hear a sharp thunderclap. You feel panicked and anxious as your guests run over for shelter, only to find nothing.  Sounds like a nightmare. Doesn’t it? Not coming up with a sudden rain plan is not the only mistake that people make when organizing outdoor events. Read on to know some common blunders you need to avoid when planning an outdoor event.

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  • Not following a budget plan: Not deciding on a budget is the biggest blunder one can commit while organizing Don’t underestimate all the logistics required for a successful event. You will require marquee heaters kitchen facilities, bathroom arrangements, lighting, and a lot more. Search for different venues and find out what all is included in the cost.

  • Not planning for rain: You cannot rely entirely on your hope that it won’t rain. The rain can happen, even if the last two months were sunny. Arrange for a tent, umbrellas, and golf carts in advance. If the event is during the peak season then make sure to book all the rain essentials in advance.

  • Not planning for the weather: Summers require air conditioners and winters call for heaters. Marquee heaters will be required for outdoor events in the winters. If it is going to be hot then arrange for fans, shaded areas, and plenty of water. Plan according to the weather and everything will fall into place.

  • Not paying attention to food arrangements: In the outdoors, the food can get spoilt if not covered properly. You need to make right arrangements to keep the food covered and fresh. The beverages should remain warm and the mock tails cool. Keep the food covered at all times.

  • Not carpeting the floor: Outdoor events take place in open areas of indoor venues or even in places, which were not designed to be an event venue. The floor could be uneven. For that reason, you need to ensure that the floor is fully carpeted so, that the people can walk easily.

  • Not paying attention to lighting conditions: Outdoor lighting can make your event look stunning in no time. But you need to keep some factors in mind before renting outdoor lighting. Go for weatherproof lighting so that in case it rains, it is not all dark. Find out if you will need a generator or the venue has power source arrangements. If arranging for a generator, make sure it is a quiet

  • Safety of children: We all know that kids cannot settle in one place. They need something to play with and somewhere to run. Apart from making arrangements for their entertainment, you also need to plan the security well. Guards at all the gates and CCTV surveillance can prevent mishappenings.

These are some of the common mistakes you can avoid when planning an outdoor event. For outdoor marquee heaters, visit London Climate Hire. They are HVAC specialists providing holistic solutions for heating and cooling. You can contact them for boiler plant rooms, boiler hire, temporary heating and cooling, and chiller rental


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London Climate hire are HVAC Specialists, providing the complete Turnkey rental solution to our core Customers in London , Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.

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