Damaged and old boilers tend to demand more running cost and carry a threat of safety hazard. In this type of a scenario, repairs won’t work much and you may need to go for a new boiler installation, be it by hiring or buying a new one. For this, you have to decide the correct required size of the boiler. There are a number of factors to consider for deciding the right size, which are discussed below.

Boiler Hire

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EVALUATION OF SPACE – Before purchasing or hiring a boiler, it’s recommended to discuss your business requirement by a registered expert. He can consult you regarding the right heating requirements. This consultation helps you to have a boiler, which can fulfill your need and will work at an optimal level of efficiency. The expert may also inspect your factory or business place to infer the heating output as per your business requirement and the maximum load that can be consumed by the system.

HOT WATER REQUIREMENT – Hot water requirement in your commercial place is a very crucial factor for the right sizing of the boiler system. It can be determined by the type of production process, size of the orders, and the size of the property. You need to find out the daily requirement in liters in order to be more précised while sizing. That is why, it’s recommended to hire an expert to maintain accuracy while calculating these figures.

AVOID PREVIOUS BOILER’S STATS – It’s worth mentioning that you cannot go for a new boiler just on the basis of the size of the old boiler. You may have same water requirements but your new boiler can have different specifications and performance. There can be a possibility that the previous sizing could have been done incorrectly. This much deliberation is required since an oversized boiler would consume more amount of energy even if your requirement is less. On the other hand, an under-sized boiler wouldn’t meet your needs.

You can hire boilers from London Climate Hire. They provide good-quality systems, which are meant for durable use.


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