Common signs to look out for commercial boiler replacement

Many manufacturing firms, businesses, schools, housing buildings etc. rely on the commercial boiler as part of the HVAC system for comfort heating. It is a necessary system, therefore, sometimes even after repeated issues, you always end up repairing it. This makes it important to know when it’s required to replace the boiler. Sometimes, you may misjudge a major issue as a minor one and carry on with calling an expert for repairing it. This makes you spend redundant repairing expenses and moreover, the efficiency of the system gets significantly reduced.

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Following are the signs to replace your commercial boiler:-

  • Loud noises – If your boiler is constantly making strange loud noises, it’s not normal. Boilers do make noises but loud bangs or clanging can be a sign of an issue. There can be a blockage or pressure issue, but can only be detected if checked by a technician. He would be able to fix it or suggest a replacement if the problem is serious and repairs wouldn’t be a durable solution.
  • Increase in energy cost – If at some point, you start noticing relatively higher cost than before, this might reflect that the boiler is not operating efficiently. This can be fixed by a small repair or may require the whole system’s replacement. It’s natural that they lost their efficiency levels as the time passes. You may try once or twice by repairing it but it usually becomes really difficult for these systems to regain the initial levels.
  • Time period – Even the best of the boilers can’t last forever. Condensing boilers usually last for fifteen years. Cast iron boilers are known to last longer but they get inefficient with time. Somehow, it usually comes in our notice that the boiler now wouldn’t last much longer. Therefore, you must start looking for a suitable update or hire another one before it completely shuts down.
  • Hot or cold spots – An aged boiler or one, which needs repair may heat areas unevenly at alternate intervals in a day. If the parts of the building are relatively hotter than others or temperatures vary throughout the day, it might be the time to go for a new one.
  • Leaks – Leaks must always be seriously addressed, as it may indicate the time to replace the boiler. In case the boiler requires extra makeup water, this could be a sign of an issue too. Leaks must get fixed as soon as possible since they can convert into floods in no time.

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Damaged and old boilers tend to demand more running cost and carry a threat of safety hazard. In this type of a scenario, repairs won’t work much and you may need to go for a new boiler installation, be it by hiring or buying a new one. For this, you have to decide the correct required size of the boiler. There are a number of factors to consider for deciding the right size, which are discussed below.

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EVALUATION OF SPACE – Before purchasing or hiring a boiler, it’s recommended to discuss your business requirement by a registered expert. He can consult you regarding the right heating requirements. This consultation helps you to have a boiler, which can fulfill your need and will work at an optimal level of efficiency. The expert may also inspect your factory or business place to infer the heating output as per your business requirement and the maximum load that can be consumed by the system.

HOT WATER REQUIREMENT – Hot water requirement in your commercial place is a very crucial factor for the right sizing of the boiler system. It can be determined by the type of production process, size of the orders, and the size of the property. You need to find out the daily requirement in liters in order to be more précised while sizing. That is why, it’s recommended to hire an expert to maintain accuracy while calculating these figures.

AVOID PREVIOUS BOILER’S STATS – It’s worth mentioning that you cannot go for a new boiler just on the basis of the size of the old boiler. You may have same water requirements but your new boiler can have different specifications and performance. There can be a possibility that the previous sizing could have been done incorrectly. This much deliberation is required since an oversized boiler would consume more amount of energy even if your requirement is less. On the other hand, an under-sized boiler wouldn’t meet your needs.

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Top 7 Blunders To Avoid When Planning An Outdoor Event

Your guests have arrived at the venue; the event is sailing smoothly in the calm waters. And all of a sudden you hear a sharp thunderclap. You feel panicked and anxious as your guests run over for shelter, only to find nothing.  Sounds like a nightmare. Doesn’t it? Not coming up with a sudden rain plan is not the only mistake that people make when organizing outdoor events. Read on to know some common blunders you need to avoid when planning an outdoor event.

Marquee Heater Hire london

  • Not following a budget plan: Not deciding on a budget is the biggest blunder one can commit while organizing Don’t underestimate all the logistics required for a successful event. You will require marquee heaters kitchen facilities, bathroom arrangements, lighting, and a lot more. Search for different venues and find out what all is included in the cost.

  • Not planning for rain: You cannot rely entirely on your hope that it won’t rain. The rain can happen, even if the last two months were sunny. Arrange for a tent, umbrellas, and golf carts in advance. If the event is during the peak season then make sure to book all the rain essentials in advance.

  • Not planning for the weather: Summers require air conditioners and winters call for heaters. Marquee heaters will be required for outdoor events in the winters. If it is going to be hot then arrange for fans, shaded areas, and plenty of water. Plan according to the weather and everything will fall into place.

  • Not paying attention to food arrangements: In the outdoors, the food can get spoilt if not covered properly. You need to make right arrangements to keep the food covered and fresh. The beverages should remain warm and the mock tails cool. Keep the food covered at all times.

  • Not carpeting the floor: Outdoor events take place in open areas of indoor venues or even in places, which were not designed to be an event venue. The floor could be uneven. For that reason, you need to ensure that the floor is fully carpeted so, that the people can walk easily.

  • Not paying attention to lighting conditions: Outdoor lighting can make your event look stunning in no time. But you need to keep some factors in mind before renting outdoor lighting. Go for weatherproof lighting so that in case it rains, it is not all dark. Find out if you will need a generator or the venue has power source arrangements. If arranging for a generator, make sure it is a quiet

  • Safety of children: We all know that kids cannot settle in one place. They need something to play with and somewhere to run. Apart from making arrangements for their entertainment, you also need to plan the security well. Guards at all the gates and CCTV surveillance can prevent mishappenings.

These are some of the common mistakes you can avoid when planning an outdoor event. For outdoor marquee heaters, visit London Climate Hire. They are HVAC specialists providing holistic solutions for heating and cooling. You can contact them for boiler plant rooms, boiler hire, temporary heating and cooling, and chiller rental

Choose Reliable Services to Meet your Temporary Water Heater Needs

A temporary boiler is specifically designed to cater to your needs. You can make the best use of your temporary water boiler with quick installation and delivery solutions. With a temporary water heater, you get a low-cost, reliable and efficient system that completely caters to your water-boiling needs. Besides, you get high efficiency and versatility in a simple manner. The boiler engineers do the job astutely and accurately making things flexible to use.

Water Heaters for Various Needs

Opting for a 22 kW heater can be perfect for drying concrete and testing underwater heating. The boiler is fully portable and has a single digital control allowing the output to be tailored according to your application.

The private home owners in large industrial sites can use these for specific jobs and events. For industrial water demands, one can get the 300kW or the 600kW boiler plant room.

With the larger temporary complex boiler, you can have a greater number of plate exchanges with primary and secondary circuits for the purpose of heating water for domestic use. Besides, you have intelligence actuation valves for a precise water temperature control.


You can get the domestic hot water return with the hydraulic modules. To get excellence in safety, you also get Weismann Boiler and Weishaupt Burner. Besides, there is a pressurisation and expansion unit built inside. Through the use of these efficient systems, your temporary water boiler needs for complex industrial water needs are perfectly met.

How to Select a Company that Caters to your needs

While choosing a water heater, you should choose a water heater company that has a veritable range of water heaters that can match your needs. You don’t need to club together a system of various smaller units or overspend on a unit having a higher capacity than you need.

Trailer-mounted or Skid-mounted: The water boiler should be easy to move in and easy to move out whenever it is required. The rental company you hire should provide full installation and services. Whenever you need the units for industrial use or special areas like the lab, make sure that your rental company can provide what you need.

Reliable Services: Hire a rental company that has a record and reputation of good services in the HVAC field.
If you are looking for a temporary water heater service, you can contact London Climate Hire for easy and quick installation of the perfect temporary water heater for your events.